About Pharmacy Department

MIT is an independent, co-educational and self financed institution and having an impressive campus surrounded by picturesque foot hills of the Great Himalayas. The city is the famous spiritual town on the right bank of the holy river Ganga and is Gateway to Char-Dham Yatra, Valley of Flowers and the Sikh shrine Hemkund sahib. Dept. of Pharmacy was founded in the year 2004 is AICTE approved Institute. Dept. of Pharmacy is also having approval from PCI, New Delhi.

The institute has over a short span of time acquired and developed impressive infrastructure, expertise and resources for imparting quality education in Pharmacy. The institute has spacious & modernized classrooms with projector, well equipped state-of-the-art laboratories, excellent stocked library and facilitates residence for girl students.

      • Extra Curricular Activities

        Education is not limited to the books. It is the nurturing of the future Pharmacists in every sphere. Along with the Lectures, seminar from eminent people in the industry is an routine process. Institute also organizes several extracurricular activities like Debate competitions, Seminars, Presentations etc. Regular industrial visit are organized to help students understand the actual working of machines and work environment in the industry.

      • Academics

        • Admission Eligibility Criteria


        First Year D.Pharma- Candidate shall have passed 10+2 with Physics and Chemistry as compulsory subject with Maths/Biology

        Rank in JEEP as per Uttarakhand Board of Technical Education norms.

        • Courses Offered
        Courses Intake Duration
        D.PHARMA 60 2 Years
        • Library

        Library is a curate collection of sources of information and similar resources and is rich in texts on pharmaceutical studies. Several study material for Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmacognosy, Biochemistry, Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy etc. Journals of repute are also available in the library like International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Research, Indian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences etc.

        • Laboratory

        1. Pharma. Chemistry Lab:-

        This Lab is utilized for the synthesis and identification of Organic Medicinal Compounds & inorganic medicinal compounds. The Lab is equipped with modern infrastructure like Glass distillation, and fume cupboard. For the synthesis of medicinal compounds a reterosynthetic strategy is planned in a manner so that the theoretical as well as practical yield of the compound or the intermediate is maximum. The medicinal compounds may be synthesized in single step or more than five steps. Fume cupboard is used for the explosive synthetic reactions or when the reagents are corrosive. After the synthesis of medicinal compounds its purity is checked by melting point determination techniques. The compound is tested for its identification and limit tests as per standards or as per the Pharmacopoeia of India. The impurity contents should be within acceptable limits. The inorganic compounds should be free from heavy metals impurities which are highly toxic to human body.

        This Lab is utilized for the Pharmaceutical Analysis of organic, inorganic compounds of synthetic or natural origin. Various Assay procedures are adopted for the analysis. This lab is equipped with glasswares for pharmaceutical analysis like pipette, burette, measuring cylinders, volumetric flasks etc.The analysis lab is associated with a balance room harboring highly sensitive balances for the preparation of volumetric reagents. The lab is also having modern and sophisticated instruments like Polarimeter, Ph Meter, Photoelectric Colorimeter etc.

        2. Pharmaceutics Lab:-

        This laboratory provides elementary knowledge about the manufacturing of pharmaceutical preparations. This lab is also utilized to teach about the dispensing of the drugs in a hospital by a pharmacist and about community pharmacy practice. The lab is used for the preparation of aromatic waters, syrups, liniments, lozenges, lotions, tinctures etc. This laboratory is also utilized to prepare different dosage forms solid, liquid & semi solids. The laboratory is equipped with ointment slab, dissolution apparatus, disintegration apparatus, tablet hardness tester, friability test apparatus etc. These equipments are used to prepare dosage forms and then to evaluate the various properties of the dosage forms. The laboratory is also utilized for the preparation and evaluation of cosmetics.

        3. Machine Room:-

        Machine room is equipped with several advanced machinery performing operations of pharmaceutical purposes. It harbors heavy machines to be operated for the preparation and evaluation of the drug dosage forms. The machines available are Motor and hand operated single punch tablet manufacturing machine for the preparation of tablets, capsule filling machine, ball mill for the breaking and grinding of hard materials, ampoule filling and sealing machine, tablet coating machine for the preparation of enteric coated tablets, ointment tube filling and crimping machine, autoclave for sterilization of the glassware and chemicals and hot air oven for drying of the granules. This room is very much useful for providing pharmaceutical industry based knowledge of different types of machines used in pharma industries.

        4. Aseptic Room:

        Aseptic room is used for aseptic transfer of Parenteral & Ophthalmic preparations in the sterile containers. The Laminar Air flow Unit provides aseptic area in the aseptic chamber used for the aseptic transfer of finished products in the sterile container. This lab is also associated with aseptic chamber in which aseptic transfer/inoculation takes place.

        5. Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab:-

        This lab is well maintained with charts and models of Human Organs and Organ Systems like Digestive,respiratory, reproductive, excretory, lymphatic, circulatory, skeletal systems. Human bones with complete human skeleton is available for the study of complete anatomy and physiology of the humans. The lab also consists of Microscopes and instruments for studying the haemopoitic system. The lab also consist of equipments like stethoscope, sphygmomanometer etc. Stethoscope is used to diagnose the abnormal heart and pulse rate. Sphygmomanometer is used to determine actual blood pressure of human body. The lab is also having various permanent microscopic slides of human cells, tissues and organs.

        6. Pharmacology Lab:-

        The lab is well equipped with types of specialized equipments like Convulsiometer for testing anticonvulsant effect, Actophotometer, Histamine Chamber, Cooks pole climbing apparatus for testing antipsychotic effect, and Single & double unit Organ bath with recording drums. We are equipped with the latest software CD which simulates the animal test with various drugs on the computer displayed with projector.

        7. Hospital & Clinical Pharmacy and Biochemistry Lab :-

        Hospital pharmacy is the healthcare service, which comprises the art, practice & profession of choosing, preparing, storing, compounding & dispensing medicines & medical devices, advising healthcare professionals and patients on their safe, effective and efficient use. In this lab, we performed the experiments based on lifesaving first aid surgical equipments, sterilization etc. the lab consists of machineries like Hot Air Oven, Autoclave Machine, Distillation Still, Dissolution & Disintegration Test Apparatus etc. In lab, we make the students aware about how to dispense medicines & how to provide hospitality to the patient for their better care and fast recovery. The Lab is also having facilities to perform the biochemical analysis of blood, Urine etc. The lab consists of BOD incubator, Centrifuge machine etc.

        8. Pharmacognosy Lab:-

        This Lab consists of various organized as well as unorganized crude drugs. The lab provides esteemed guidelines to the students regarding natural source of drugs and phytochemical screening through various instruments like binocular microscope, TLC apparatus, soxhlet extractor, clevenger apparatus. The laboratory is utilized for morphological and anatomy study of drugs of natural origin. A medicinal plant garden in the campus is available in which medicinal plants are tagged with their biological nomenclature and categories used in chemotaxonomy.






      • Training and Placement
      • Training and Placement is an essential part of a developed and competitive institution, which is accepted as one of the most important department of pharmacy institution. The active placement cell prepares a strategy for its students for training and placement with the primary aim to find a suitable and lucrative job in reputed companies. The placement cell has an excellent placement record. Renowned companies like Pritam International Pvt. Ltd., Akums Drugs & Pharmaceutical Ltd, etc have recruited our students with lucrative pay package. The placement cell is committed to developing dynamism, strong human values, technocratic and good leadership qualities in all our students.

      • Words from Alumini

Priyanka Rawat : First of all, a big thanks to all teaching staff of Pharmacy. We learnt a lot for our future from our college.

Nikita Nautiyal :

I would like to say thanks to all the teaching staff of Pharmacy. We learnt a lot for our future from our college.

Neeraj Kumar :

I learnt a lot from our college. Pharmacy dept. is having very experienced faculties and they guided us every time. Thank you so much.

Rajat Singh Devni : 

First of all, a big thank you to all the teaching staff of pharmacy. We learnt a lot of things for future. HOD Sir is very good and always support to all the students.

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